Thursday, October 19, 2017

Giant Martian in Midtown Bangkok

Martians or Earthlings – how many things in common both possess
With other planets? I can only guess, there are many yet so scarce
Is the light in the eyes, comfort of presence, the highest prowess
That fills the void, warms the coldness of both the Earth 
and Mars

Dr Abe V Rotor

Watchful Martian to traffic and pedestrian 
Real giant in modern Lilliput, reminiscent of Gulliver's Travel  
Closeup of expressionless, emotionless, fiberglass icon.    

A modern genie in downtown Bankok is asking our wish I guess;
like the genie from a grimy lamp in the Dark Ages of the Earth;
now seasoned by indifference, through the ages forgetfulness,
yet strange still the world, stranger still the coldness at its hearth.

Lost in midtown, sitting low and calm, its eyes empty, far-reaching
into the past, through empty space, to its home away from home;
lost among the throng, among the lost throng, lost from its being,
sitting alone, like Rodin's Great Thinker, yet unthinking like stone.

Would man accept the analogy of truth and fantasy, and the irony
of not believing so? Else in believing alone is itself ignorance;
blind in our midst a vacuum reigns in biblical or children’s story,
which matters little if at all, its ending hanging in sweet askance.

Martians or Earthlings – how many things in common both possess
with other planets? I can only guess, there are many yet so scarce
is the light in the eyes, comfort of presence, the highest prowess
that fills the void, warms the coldness of both the Earth and Mars.~

Primeval Landscape: 10 Expressions

Dr Abe V Rotor
Primeval Landscape in acrylic and mohair canvas (2' x 3') AV Rotor 2017

A landscape five billions years ago, as old as the age of our planet Earth weaned from its mother star. the Sun, captured by the imagination; 

A landscape made of four elements the Greeks held in belief and respect to a Supreme Being: water, air, earth and fire, which we hold on to this day;

A landscape that mirrors the imagination exploring the mystery of the vast universe, 
and the mythological setting of different cultures in the past and present; 

A landscape ingrained in every living creature be it in the genes or archetypes that guide life and its network - the flow of energy and web of life;

A landscape expressed by any conceivable color, produced from primary colors, which in turn produce other colors, ultimately painting the rainbow;  

A landscape that influences thoughts, feelings and psyche of humans, individually and collectively, conforming with the seasons and appropriate occasions;

A landscape unique in itself, incomparable, immutable of its original form, like no two leaves or snowflakes are the same, irrespective of their numbers;

A landscape only Nature can repeat in unending diversity yet basically retaining its format and substance, through time and space; 

A landscape that is an expression of an Omnipotent Being that humbles man when proud, elevates him when down, leading him to the triumph of the human spirit;  

A landscape made through serendipity - fresh paints on canvas, exposed to rain, sun. wind, gravity, and other elements.  The true artist after all is the Divine Providence.~   

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Optimism - the future is much better than the past and present.

Dr Abe V Rotor
Living with Nature - School on Blog 

   Future scientist - setting a dream come true.

How optimistic are you? 

Here is a self-examination. Use the Likert scale: 1 low, 2 fair, 3 high, 4 very high, 5 outstanding.  Please see rating at the end of the article.  Share your experience in this lesson with your family and friends.   
When in your loneliness, you see dark clouds hovering, their edges glistening with silver lining, you wish rain to fall and turn the brown hills and parched fields into verdant green.

When tired, you take a deep breath of sigh and relief, and up in the sky you see migrating birds in V-formation, a collective strategy in long travel to the South.

When walking aimlessly, you take time out to watch the flowers of Nymphaea and Lotus emerging from a nearby pond as they open gracefully to the morning sun.

When you worry about global warming, its growing menace, you take measures in your own capacity to curve its effect for the protection of the present and future generations.    

When feeling stressed and worn out because of too much work and very little time for rest, you stop, look and listen to an inner voice longing to be heard and to be loved.

When you think you have poor memory, you must admit the fact that memory paves the way for renewal and preparation for the future with a clean slate, so to speak.          

When you see little chance for the economy to grow, you still go into business, small as it may be, with the belief in the "bottom-up" approach to economic  growth.  

When you lack pep and interest in your work, and you have a family to support, aiming at a comfortable retirement and bright future of your children, take heart, enliven the spirit. 

When going out of the house and see a black cat, a crow perched on a tree, and the first person you meet is an old woman, don't let superstition bar your way and spoil your day.   

When saddened by the destruction of the environment, you plant trees even at an old age, even if you will not reap the reward yourself - it is your humble contribution to the world. 

When you are in grief because a loved one has passed away, you accept the inevitability of such loss and find comfort and strength in facing life from the memory of the departed.   

When you are disheartened by news about conflicts, graft and corruption, disaster, and the like, you consider these as challenge for reform and test of values to which you are a part. 

When the things you longed for in life have not been realized, and you are aware that time is running out, and no one but you can help, believe that life begins at forty - or sixty -  or more.  

When you contemplate defeat and heartache, you rise above pain and regret, and focus rather on how these can be avoided, and more than that - to become victorious.

When you are in the lowest ebb of life literally holding a piece of rope, you remember sometime you were asked if you wish to live you life all over again, and you said, yes.    

"Optimists work longer hours and tend to earn more.  They even save more." Time

"Without a neural mechanism that generates unrealistic optimism, all humans would be mildly depressed." Time 

"Awareness of mortality on its own would have led evolution to a dead end. The despair would have have interfered with our daily function, bringing the activities needed for survival to a stop... Knowledge of death had to emerge side by side with the persistent ability to picture a bright future." Ajit Varkl, University of California (Time, June 2011)     
 Thomas Edison, great American inventor, he is best known for inventing the incandescent lamp which lighted homes and cities and forever changed the night landscape.
   Charles Darwin, proponent of the most controversial issue on evolution through natural selection;  Mao Tse Tung, China's greatest leader; below, Alexander the Great, first proponent of a "United Nations" concept of world peace. Captain Robert Scott, discoverer of the South Pole. 
Rating: 61 - 75 You are a model of Optimism.  Share it. Teach others.  
             45 - 60  You are happy and hopeful, you see a bright future.  
             44 and below - Read about the saga of great men and women. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Surrealism at the Grassroots: Headless Doll Guard

Dr Abe V Rotor
Headless doll and parking sign (Commonwealth Ave., QC)  
If art originates from thoughts and feelings,
could it also originate from feelings alone,
that creeps into the darkness of life
gnawing the being to the bone?

If one finds art is a piteous parking sign,
is it akin to compassion, to a kind soul -
needless that a headless doll speak
of morbidity, but of a pleading call?

In this corner the artist calls it surreal,
but the soul rises above reason and heart -
its emptiness filled with some sanity,
that surrealism is neither fate nor art. ~

Sign with a headless doll reserves a space for a fee. Commonwealth Ave., Mangahan, QC 2010

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Nesting Fish

Painting and Poem by Dr Abe V Rotor

Nesting Tilapia in acrylic by AVR 2011

Make a nest for your bride, make it true, 
     An altar to knot your vows;
Make a nursery and a sanctuary, too
     Safe from fangs and jaws. 

Abode for the homeless and those in grief,
     A stopover for the weary guest, 
A fort ensconced among rocks and reefs
     To hold and withstand any test.

Build a nest, but not of the proud bower bird,
     Lavish but only in courtship;
Don't be like the marauding salmon in herd,
     Returning only after a long trip.

Make your nest truly a beautiful home,
     And none in your brood shall ever want;
Never shall you ask why the task, and for whom;   
     In life's drama, this is your part. ~     

Views from a Lighthouse

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Burgos, Ilocos Norte
Photos by Marlo R Rotor

Main tower of the lighthouse. The top can be reached by a one-way spiraling steel stair. The lighthouse and building, built in the 18th century and renovated during the Commonwealth era to guide ocean going vessels along the rugged western coast.

Views from top of lighthouse, South China Sea
Atop the lighthouse. Note giant solar battery powered lamp at right. 
Old original building made of bricks.
Ship, Ahoy!
The rocks, the rocks!
And the mariners of old,
guided by your eye
steer clear and free,
singing with the dawn,
Sail ho! Sail ho! ~

Texting on Tree

Dr Abe V Rotor

Etchings on the trunk of dita (Alstonia scholaris), UST Botanical Garden 

Whose names these are, I do not know
      In this age of cell phones
They dream to leave their message 
      to live on through the seasons.

Words they live – they die in cyberspace -
      in the heart of a tree,
Perhaps to a passerby, tired and weary,
     and longing to be free.